Apr 29, 2010

Tagged Award

* Thank & link the person that gave u the award

* *Pass diz award onto 15 bloggers u've recently discovered n think are fantastic

* *Contact said blogs and let them know they've won the award

* *State 7 things about urself

Thank u ye nana and pocik dearie.
U've passed the award as well as the tag thingy.
Award about what and why, it is still remain unanswered okay.

I'd like to pass this award to:
1. syamimi
2. kak zu
3. arina
4. anem
5. oshinz
6. bee
7. mai
8. kak fath
9. kak milin

Ok, here's the 7 things:

1. Currently in the same size as the old days.I will not have the chance to grow up anymore.

2. Being alone is not a problem for me anymore.

3. Addicted to Glee! as well as Wali Band

4. Hate weirdos, especially lady gaga.Disgusting!! Do not have any interest on Lady Gaga anymore.

5. Possess a happy family and loads of nice friends. Really thankful.

6. Does not have a permanent job yet, but a lot of debts need to settle down. Siapa yang baik hati di luar sana tu, sila dermakan ke tabung bantuan cik nisa boleh??

7. Sensitive sometimes.

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