Jun 1, 2010

Review on Youth '10: Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival

Hi everybody.

Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival was an enormous event. Since, there were a lot of goody bags given, which made me went to the event twice, I feel no regret to come over again.

1. Pen-drive

Filled in a survey and get free 1GB pendrive as in a pen shape. There is also a laser at the back of the pen.

2. Registered as a member of KFC Snax get free KFC's meal. For more information click here. http://www.snax.com.my/

3. Filled in a questionnaire and get free pack of Libresse sanitary pad. Joined in the photography competition organized by the Libresse team at the booth.

4. Bought Nivea products at RM10 which include lotion, deodorant, facial wash. Got the chance to win big size of another lotion in lucky draw and also a silhoutte lotion after fill a form.

5. Registered as a member of Majlis Belia Selangor and get free gifts.

6. The most thing that I'd really wanted is to be a member of Cleo. Unfortunately, I couldnt stand any longer to wait in the line. The que was so long and it didnt move for after 15 minutes we'd line up there.

And it's just not about the free gifts, but also a lot of event were held, such as dance, shopping bazaar, Battle of the Band, conference, futsal, and a lot more.

On the contrary, I saw that there are a lot of teenagers who still havent matured enough yet which may lead to the social problems. Berbulu mata tengok adegan mereka. ok.

On the third day, I went there once again and I gain a new knowledge from one of the exhibitors there. I'd like to share it here as I knew that this is important for us as women. For guys, please spread this knowledge to your wife, mother, sisters and friends. Jangan malu-malu kucing if you really love them.

There's a lady approached nicely to us and asked us to just spend a little time at their booth. At first, I really had no interest to listen at the speaker as the speaker was a GENTLEMAN and the product was a sanitary pad. Irony kan?

G- gentleman. U-us

G: Cuba adik rasa mana lebih basah? (He's handing 2 sanitary pads for us to compared. It happened that they use a new introduced brand of sanitary pad to compared with their product)
U: Yang ni (showed their product)
G: Selalunya adik tukar berapa pad dalam satu hari?
U: Errr....
G: Minimum 4. Betul tak?
U: Err (sambil angguk je lah)
G: Ok, Kalau produk kami, boleh pakai dari 7pagi sampai 5ptg tanpa rasa basah.
U: Eh??
G: Cuba adik tengok, mengalir tak (demo perah pad yang dibasahkan dengan air)
U: tak.
G: Adik nak sihat tak?
U: Mestilah nak, ada ke orang yang mintak sakit.
G: Dengan RM1.50 adik boleh tak mencegah kanser?
U: (Nod our head)
G: Dengan RM1.50 boleh tak nak rawat kanser?
U: Tak boleh lah.
G: Adik tau tak apa kandungan dalam pad?
U: Tak tau. Saya tak kerja kilang pad.
G: Hahah, ok dalam pad ialah lapisan kertas yang telah direcycle. Lalu dia buat pad.
U: (Shocked. I thought tuala. sebab tuala wanita. Eh, rupanya takde kena mengena)
G: Selalu kalau kertas recycle warna apa.
U: Warna envelope. Kecoklatan.
G: Tapi warna pad, warna apa?
U: Warna putih.
G: Ha, macam mana dia buat jadi warna putih?
U: Ada lah proses pencerahan yang diorang buat.
G: Ye, diorang campurkan dengan bahan kimia yang macam clorox.
U: (ternganga)
G: Sebab tu ramai orang yang kena kanser servix, kanser rahim.

Enough here.
This is knowledge which we need to spread. Be careful. If you all realized, there are two types of sanitary pad. One which is the normal recycle paper which is easy for us to clean it, the other is the gel type of pad which actually hard to clean it. Betul tak? Now, instead of using the paper type, I suggest that we change to the gel type. Mencegah lebih baik dari merawat kan. Even though my sister hates apple, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Dia takut pesakit dia nanti lari kerana epal. Haha. But, my advise is, please please please be health conscious.

Oh, abang tu pesan, jangan banyak minum ais. Ianya menyebabkan keputihan. Lebih-lebih lagi kepada yang ada masalah senggugut tu. Kawal-kawal diri dari minum ais. Kalau nak sejuk juga, simpanlah air dalam peti sejuk. Kan sejuk tu..

Akhir kata, Sayangi sistem peranakan anda.

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0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

yes.. betul! kertas recycle tu beb.

Miss M said...

thank u! sgt useful!

nisadaud said...

oshinz: baru tau beb. jakunis btol.

nisadaud said...

Miss M; welcome2.sharing is caring