Feb 1, 2010


A lot of challenges need to be face.
But, I will fight until the end.

Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya.

I missed the opportunity, however better opportunities are coming.
Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah.

To Kak Milin,
I'm still having the problem in changing the structure of my program.
GSO sangat banyak ragam sekarang.
Since, there will be no intake for TESL, maybe for the next two semesters if i'm not mistaken.
So, everything regarding TESL is not in the list.
sometimes, I feel like everything is impossible and I'd like to quit.
A lot of things going through my mind.
I'm afraid that Dr. F won't let me do these things and she ends up not to be my advisor.
I always rely on you regarding all these, even though u ask not to feel sorry.
But still, I have that kind of feeling.
Million of thanks k.milin.

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Amelynn said...

sorry to hear abt that. i thot dah settle. do u mean no more student intake for m.ed tesl for the next 2 sems? oh, crap. why the hell? ni mesti kes tak cukup lect. u dont hv to be afraid pasal dr. f tu. she's only an advisor, not a supervisor. bkn die yg pilih u jd anak buah die, tp your name was automatically listed under her supervision by gso. u can choose other lect as yr supervisor for project paper. dr nooreen is the best candidate. i selalu recommend dr nooreen kat kwn2 every time. die sgt baik and committed. cube cari die, k. nnt update me! :)

nisadaud said...

orait.i have class with dr noreen this sem. she's ok. and she encourages me to change the structure. btw, i am now RA for mimi's dad. today is my first day working.

aah, sbb x cukup lect. why dont u come back to upm and become one..if that happen, i am the one will really excited.hehe

Norisza Dalila Ismail said...

wow u can count on Milin..she is the bestest fren of mine..funny and willingness to help is her desire!

Amelynn said...

sbnrnye cukup lect, cume now that many of them tgh sambung phd. i know some of them kat US. lmbt lg nak balik kot.

subjek dr nooreen tu sgt best okke. make sure score A nnt tau! and hopefully u dpt dr nrn as your supervisor too. senang bekerja dgn dia tak byk songeh :)


Amelynn said...

Oi Risz, sampai ke sini ko merayau hahahah apedaa, malu i :P

nisadaud said...

orait..sedang bersemnangt!!

k. norisza,
yup! u r right..she's always willing to help.