Jan 25, 2009

First Time

Hi there..this is my first time blogging..
now is a school holiday... a week.. yeayea..
balik kampung..n relax for a week from school full of challenges..
yes..my school really2 challenging as most of the students didnt respect the teachers..
so..as a trainee..i hv to tackle my students to respect me..luckily..most of them as accept me as their teacher..
last friday..i entered 5 Gigih (last class) during motivation period..this period was for the boys..i entered this class with syuhada.. syu controlled half of the boys, while the half were mine..
i told them story about nabi adam n hawa (hahaha..cm ustazah la pulak)...then i taught some of them english..the boys actually really want to learn..but they only can concentrate not more than half an hour..
this class actually amazing..some of them can dance..can sing..and some can do magic.. the most amazing thing i've ever seen live was..one of the boy floating himself in the air..walaupun x tnggi..tp ckup kagum..
before that..i met boys from 5 Jaya..there is a boy named farris..when he met me..he always says that he love me..hahaha
now im at home..jauh dr anak2 murid..n school..

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